Youth Environmental Empowerment Programme (YEEP)

Youth Energy Empowerment Programme (YEEP)


Youth Energy Empowerment Programme (YEEP)

At, we believe that there is a direct link between exposure to quality education/trainings/resources and environmental awareness and responsibility, and that an enlightened mind is an environment friendly mind; hence, we commit ultimate resources to the intellectual development of the human mind with special focus on youths and the young at mind. An educated mind is one that maximizes today’s opportunities in securing the future; the essence of sustainable development. We partner with relevant stakeholders to train, equip, mentor and work with willing hands and minds to harness opportunities to build waste-smart cities across Nigeria.

Project YEEP, an environmental idea hub for incubation of ideas on environmental management, is Nigeria’s leading specialized online forum for information on environment-related training aids, grants and scholarships. Our goal at is to through this project directly train, empower and impact 100,000 individuals and organizations, and raise 1,000 new eco-entrepreneurs within the next ten years while strengthening existing ones.

Project YEEP publicizes emerging opportunities in environmental management including employment creations and job openings; investment tips; youth capacity building; mentoring programmes; training aids, how-to tips and videos; in-house programmes and those by other stakeholders to support existing eco-entrepreneurs  and equip new ones; local and international environment-related grants, fellowships and scholarships for short courses, advanced degrees, international conferences, internships, contests and campaigns, seminars and trainings, specialized programmes, peer-review events and others will be made available to members of the public through this forum.


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