Waste is Gold (Project WIG)

Waste is Gold (Project WIG)


Waste is Gold

For various reasons, human activities always leave a trail of wastes, however, most of what we call wastes are often goldmines in disguise or at least, things that could still be of value to others or to the environment. Wastes do not have to harm the environment, thus, it is given that how well a country values its citizens reflects in how it handles its wastes.

Project WIG (Waste is gold) is a corner-piece of wastesmart.org. The goal of this project is to mobilize necessary support for the modernization of waste management systems in Nigeria in the next twenty years. There is an urgent need for a binding, enforceable and dynamic national waste strategy to articulate, coordinate and innovate waste management in Nigeria.

This project aims at institutionalizing efficient use of natural resources by Nigerians and institutions in Nigeria, ending indiscriminate dumping of waste; establishing an online national waste register that itemizes waste types and their impacts/potentials across various industries and States; reducing the amount of waste generated and the amount dumped at landfills by fifty percent in the next twenty years; effective management of such wastes and value-adding services; highly effective waste collection and sorting at source; establishment of efficiently run and profitable waste recycling facilities of different classes of wastes; wastewater treatment; waste-to-energy systems (green energy); home composting; biogas and biodiesel production with minimal negative impacts on the environment; encouraging indigenous research to improve the efficiency of waste management technologies; strengthening existing public and private investments in waste management operations and encouraging new ones.

We work closely with stakeholders in the waste management sector in Nigeria and give a unique platform to indigenous outfits in the sector in order to help them reach a wider audience. We make strong cases for waste minimization, proper waste disposal and processing, value adding waste initiatives as well as global best practices in waste management.