Help in the Neighbourhood (Project HIN)

Help in the Neighbourhood (Project HIN)


Help in the Neighbourhood

Project HIN is’s flagship humanitarian initiative which focuses on anti-hunger initiatives that harness strategically placed solutions in the neighbourhood to tackling chronic hunger and malnutrition in vulnerable people. One of the goals of this project is to harness public support towards the attainment of the global goal of zero hunger by 2030.

For ease of administration and logistics, we have initially adopted four main areas of social service: orphanages, IDP camps, prisons and adult homes.

In our continuing social work, we also realize that the help needed by people threatened by diseases, displacements, or by people plagued by chronic lack is often right in or not far from the neighbourhoods they live. So, we encourage and mobilize neighbours to help neighbours through simple acts of kindness that endear communal bliss, cooperation and mutual respect. We organize visits to and mobilize support, donations (food and other essentials) as well as opportunities to volunteer social services to those in dire need. For a fact, something as commonplace as a cup of water to a thirsty stranger, a simple smile to spice up someone’s depressed mood or a genuine show of concern backed up with action could make all the difference in the life of an orphan, an IDP, an inmate or a vulnerable senior citizen.

If someone in your neighbourhood is hungry and you have excess food, don’t keep the food at home until it gets spoilt. If someone around you is in dire need of help and you are at a vantage position to offer such help, or even kind and reassuring words, don’t withhold your good. Reach out. The help vulnerable people need is in the neighbourhood they live; help others access the help they need. Share with those in need. Before you trash anything, ask yourself, could this “trash” still be of use to anybody? Oftentimes, the answer is yes. What appears to be of no worth to you could be useful to someone else or to the universe. So, don’t waste your excess. Don’t waste food. And the help you can offer to others is by no means limited to only food, it can be anything worthwhile, that gives others a good chance of success. Actions like these seem insignificant but their benefits are endless. Don’t waste excess resources. Waste is gold. Don’t waste your wastes. Turn the waste to an opportunity by sharing it with those in need of it. There is hope in sharing. We secure the future by sharing today with others.

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