Green Environment First (Project GEF)

Green Environment First (Project GEF)


Man’s future on earth will be decided, not by oils, nor by diamonds or drones, but by man’s disposition to the environment. Future innovations that advance human lives will be driven by greater environmental consciousness. The success of new start ups, new blue chip companies, stronger economies and countries will be precipitated on a more robust and resilient environment.

Through a series of initiatives tagged Project GEF, mobilizes stakeholders to adopt robust approaches to environmental management that place premium on citizen participation in environmental governance. We x-ray the sustainable use of natural resources; environmental and social aspects of water resources development; land management; wetlands and catchments conservation; water quality; climate change; environmental governance, impacts, mitigation, adaptation and sustainability; flood and disaster awareness; genetic modified products (GMOs) and climate change.

We champion public enlightenment on food security, environmental angle to community health, pollution control and prevention, awareness of various environmental laws, regulations and conventions in Nigeria, including in-depth analysis from leading experts as well as public and corporate compliance to environmental edicts. We also feature on our platforms, leading eco-friendly firms, new discoveries and cutting edge environmental inventions and technologies. Opinions and official positions of regulators and relevant government officials on emerging developments in environmental management in Nigeria will also be sought and diligently transmitted to members of the public.

We blow the whistle on individuals and organizations that are perpetual net polluters of the environment. But more importantly, although environment management is a global concept, our approach takes into full cognizance peculiarities of the challenging terrain of a developing country like Nigeria and so adapt our programmes, with a view to harnessing the most we can, together.

Green Environment First


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