Reflections of a thankful first time dad

Two days ago, Ireoluwatomide went to Church for the first time. It was a home coming of some sort.


A baby changes everything. It’s true nothing remains the same again once a baby enters into the picture. I have been trying to catch up. He is so hygiene-conscious! Once he poos, he stops sucking. How sweet to know that he signed up from birth to be waste-smart.


Do babies plan from heaven to stay awake at night and ensure every other person too stays awake? Chai. I wonder how my wife manages. She seems better prepared for the rigours of Motherhood. I admit, she has had to stay awake more nights than I have. She does it so graciously. I am also happy to stay awake through the night to watch him



Father and son first moments


Each time he wakes up at night, whilst his mum tries to quickly get a nap, I wish I had ready-to-suck big enough breasts glued to my breastplate to plug in between his supple lips, to keep them too busy and too happy to let go. The joy of breastfeeding is one of the privileges God didn’t give Adam and his male descendants. Nothing is sweeter than seeing a child grow, from a fist-long, to a full baby, whilst he feeds only on the white fluid that streams from your twin towers. We are men, we won’t cry over that.


People say he is my carbon copy. Well, I am grateful my gene is dominant. More importantly, he is a better version of me. He is a green champion.


The other day as I looked at him, his face shone like a million stars. His smile catapulted me three decades back. I traveled on the wings of time to the day my feet kissed the earth. I remembered the night I was born. Did people smile? Were people happy? Who stood in a corner, cursing, while wearing a vestige of happiness? I know some didn’t smile. They didn’t smile then, and they are still not smiling. If smile had stayed away from their faces for so long, it’s not hard to figure out why they are going to their graves frowning and disappointed.


But those ones are an insignificant part of the story. Every man has around him, those who in spite of, he must succeed.


If anything, Ireoluwatomide’s birth brought us joy. Loads of it. And there is no ambiguity as to our love for him. He is one more proof that even when the actors may change, a generation gets an opportunity to relive a scene and right the wrongs.


I have learnt to change diapers. Imagine the joy that brings. I am still not good at it but I am learning. Wifey says I carry him like an egg. Don’t blame me.


See, I had a phobia for carrying newborns. I always believed they are delicate things that must be carried with utmost care. When I could, I rarely carried babies. But this is mine, even phobia understands that. So,

phobia has changed address, it has lost a good client.


Many things have crossed my mind since his birth. When he smiles, the world leaps. No guile, no fear, just an innocence that reminds us of a world of no guile. I even stayed away from Facebook for life’s book had open before me, another book. There was the urge to write, many bouts of it, but the urge to be quiet and to meditate more was  louder.



Family is everything… Family gathers to honour Ireoluwatomide.


I am grateful for the gift of a son, an innovator, a born leader, a godly seed.


For those who crave a blessing like this, may your wait soon be over. May your bundle of joy arrive soon.  Amen.


Together, we will make the earth a better place.



Kunlere Idowu

Kunlere is an environment and sustainable development strategist with years of active experience in environmental compliance monitoring and enforcement. You may follow him on Twitter via @kunlere_idowu



  1. Ifedayo 4 weeks ago September 26, 2017

    Amen. Congratulations bro.

    • Kunlere Idowu 4 weeks ago September 27, 2017

      Thanks boss.

  2. Sarah Kuponiyi 4 weeks ago September 27, 2017

    Wow ooo. you are blessed sir ….”a generation gets an opportunity to relive a scene and right the wrongs”. This post is thrilling.

    • Kunlere Idowu 4 weeks ago September 27, 2017

      It’s true: “… A generation gets an opportunity to relive a scene and right the wrongs”. Thanks sis.

  3. Ayotunde Kunlere 4 weeks ago September 27, 2017

    Congratulations, May the Good Lord bless the baby, the mother & Father. May He allow His countenance to shine upon Ireoluwatomide ,’Mide for short. All the days of his life. IJMN. Amen

    • Kunlere Idowu 4 weeks ago September 27, 2017

      Amen… Thank you Sir.

  4. Modinat 4 weeks ago September 27, 2017

    Nice one. Enjoy daddyhood

    • Kunlere Idowu 3 weeks ago September 29, 2017

      Thanks sis.


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