Poem: A joint heritage


Poem: A joint heritage

A joint heritage


  1. Africa, fatherland

The father of many sons, black, white, coloured

The warrior whose feet still dance long after the song dies

The warrior that stands when the fire glows

But how long shall you stand alone?

How long shall you fight alone?

He that must win

Must build the longest bridges


2. Europe, the floating sea,

The land of opportunities

The kid with the fattest smile

Well-fed, plagued with a rotund belly

But how long shall you feast alone?

How long shall your big tent lie in waste

To live for self is to fall by the sword alone


3. Come, quickly,

Strengthen the hands of your long-lost brother,

Teach them to make their own tents big and lasting too.

The cord that ties our both houses must not fail


4. For he who stands aloof whilst his brother calls

Soon draws a breath that stinks.


5. The future is in shared victories

That our days may be bright and fair

Like the river whose feet know no end.


6. And our future, moments, cast in gold.




August 6, 2017


Kunlere Idowu

Kunlere is an environment and sustainable development strategist with years of active experience in environmental compliance monitoring and enforcement. You may follow him on Twitter via @kunlere_idowu


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