Apply: The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge (€500k Price Money for Green Start-ups)


Apply: The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge (€500k Price Money for Green Start-ups)

Deadline: June 1, 2017

About us

The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge is one of the world’s largest competitions in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship. From 1 March 2017 until 1 June 2017, green start-ups from all over the world can submit their promising sustainable business plans to the the 11th edition. The winner will receive €500,000 to further develop the product or service, and to bring it to market. The runner-up will receive €200,000. An international jury selects the winner and runner-up.


The Dutch Postcode Lottery started the competition in 2007, after being inspired by president Clinton to look for those dedicated entrepreneurs with brilliant green business plans. Plans that are ready to speed up the transition towards a low carbon economy. The answers to the issues of our time are already in front of us. But it takes entrepreneurs like the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge finalists to present us with sustainable solutions and get them out into the world.


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APPLY: MSc Water and Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering and others at Masdar Institute


(APPLY) Full Scholarships of the Government of the Slovak Republic


Mauritius–Africa Scholarship Scheme 2017


How does the competition work?
People from all over the world can (free of charge) submit their sustainable business plans at Mid-July, the organization will announce the 25 nominees who will have a chance of becoming a finalist. Five finalists will then be selected Mid-August for the final round of the competition, where they will present their business plan in front of a selected audience and an international panel of experts during the grand final in Amsterdam on 14 September. After the decision round the judges will announce the winner of the €500,000 as well as the runner‐up.

As this is an international competition, all entries must be submitted in English. Due to the fact that we receive hundreds of submissions from over 80 countries, we employ strict guidelines. If you have been selected as one of the finalists, you will be invited to come to Amsterdam to present your plan to the international panel of experts. Keep in mind that your presentation should be held in English as well.


Entry Criteria

The registration period for the 11th edition of the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge is open from 1 March 2017 until 1 June 2017. Innovative entrepreneurs from all over the world can submit their sustainable business plan. Submitting an entry is free of charge. We look forward to your entry!


Your plan

  • should have the potential to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by an amount you can roughly estimate
  • should be developed enough to execute
  • should be realisable as a usable product or service within the next two years
  • should preferably have integrated Cradle2Cradle principles in the designs


Besides these criteria, the jury will also look at factors such as: communication potential, courageousness and creativity.


You should

  • be willing to bring your idea to market yourself, and to commit to working with any organisation necessary for developing the product and/or implementing the service
  • be 18 years or older
  • agree with all our Terms & Conditions
  • fully complete all the questions on the entry form in English
  • be willing to attend the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge in Amsterdam if you are selected as a finalist to present your idea to the jury (reasonable travel and lodging expenses for one person per finalist will be reimbursed)



APPLY: The Humphrey Fellowship Program, USA (Fully-funded)


APPLY: Singapore International Graduate Award, SINGA (Fully-funded PhD scholarships)


International elite graduate program Global Change Ecology


APPLY: OWSD PhD fellowships for women (Fully-funded)



An elevator pitch will go a long way

One of the questions we ask on the entry form is to create an elevator pitch. In an elevator pitch you try to convince a potential investor of your business plan in the time your shared elevator ride would last. If you are a driven social entrepreneur, your goal is to make your dream come true. To make that happen, you will need backup. Financial, but also creative and inspirational backup. Whether you are entering the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge or not, you will have to pitch your business plan thousands of times if you are looking for investors. So here is your chance to work on that pitch. Good luck!

More questions? Please have a look at our FAQ-section.








Should you have any question about the scholarship and other opportunities featured on this website or should you need assistance at anytime in your application, please, do not hesitate to write to us via this address:


We will get back to you in the shortest possible time. Be assured of our full commitment. We are always glad to assist you make your dream (of developing into an effective, world-class environmental management professional) come true.


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Kunlere Idowu

Kunlere is an environment and sustainable development strategist with years of active experience in environmental compliance monitoring and enforcement. You may follow him on Twitter via @kunlere_idowu


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