Apply: Environmental grants (Indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot)

Indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot

Apply: Environmental grants (Indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot)

Deadline: May 19, 2017

Our grant recipients range from small farming cooperatives and community associations to international organizations. Every grant helps implement an investment strategy found in the ecosystem profile for each region where we invest.


With our support, hundreds of civil society groups have achieved significant outcomes. For example, their efforts have influenced major governmental policies in dozens of countries and helped protect more than 10 million hectares of globally important land since the program’s creation in 2000.


Calls for proposals and other news about grant availability are announced on this site. Proposals are welcome if they meet our eligibility criteria.


For questions about applying to CEPF, please read the “Calls for Proposals” section below, or send an email to

Calls for Proposals



Call for Letters of Inquiry for large and small grants


Eligible countries: Cambodia, China, Lao PDR, Thailand and Vietnam


CEPF is soliciting letters of inquiry (LoI) from non-government organizations, community groups, private companies and other civil society organizations, for large and small grants in Cambodia, China, Lao PDR, Thailand and Vietnam.



PhD scholarships in Glybiology (Cellular and Molecular Medicine)


The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (Environment, Health and safety, others)


2017 BCFN YES! Research Grant Competition (APPLY)


APPLY: OWSD PhD fellowships for women (Fully-funded)





Applicants for large grants (over US$20,000) can apply in English only, using the LoI template. Completed LoIs should be sent as an email attachment to


Applicants for small grants (up to US$20,000) can apply in English or local languages (Chinese, Khmer, Lao, Thai or Vietnamese), using the offline template available here. Completed LoIs should be sent as an email attachment to




Call for Letters of Inquiry

English (PDF – 83 KB)

Vietnamese (PDF – 425 KB)

Lao (PDF – 350 KB)

Khmer (PDF – 172 KB)

Chinese (PDF – 231 KB)

Thai (PDF – 269 KB)


Ecosystem Profile

English (PDF – 8.4 MB)


Ecosystem Profile Summary

English (PDF – 3.3 MB)

Khmer (PDF – 349 KB)

Lao (PDF – 218 KB)

Chinese (PDF – 681 KB)

Thai (PDF – 381 KB)

Vietnamese (PDF – 210 KB)



Should you have any question about the scholarship and other opportunities featured on this website or should you need assistance at anytime in your application, please, do not hesitate to write to us via this address:


We will get back to you in the shortest possible time. Be assured of our full commitment. We are always glad to assist you make your dream (of developing into an effective, world-class environmental management professional) come true.


Meanwhile, join our WhatsApp chat group, follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page.



Kunlere Idowu

Kunlere is an environment and sustainable development strategist with years of active experience in environmental compliance monitoring and enforcement. You may follow him on Twitter via @kunlere_idowu


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