DynaMo Summer School 2017: Transportomics (APPLY)

Summer School

DynaMo Summer School 2017: Transportomics (APPLY)

Deadline: April 2, 2017


In June 2016, DynaMo Center will host a one week international PhD course on strategies to identify and characterize transport proteins.



Two international leading scientists within the field of transport biology research will be the core lecturers at the course:


Professor Benoit Lacombe, INRA Montpelier, France
Professor Ingo Dreyer, University of Talca, Chile


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In addition the following local scientists will contribute with lectures on specific topics related to the field:

•    Professor Barbara Halkier
•    Associate Professor Hussam Nour-Eldin
•    Professor Dan Klærke
•    Professor Michael Palmgren
•    Associate Professor Anja Fuglsang
•    Associate Professor Rosa Lopez


Course coordinators

Barbara Ann Halkier & Hussam Nour-Eldin

For further information, also regarding registration, see the course web page.

Deadline for registration is 2 April 2017.


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Register through the UCPH PhD School course catalogue application system.

Email Bente Faurby, bfy@plen.ku.dk, if you have any problems with the registration system.

Application deadline

2 April 2017

Organized by

DynaMo Center


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