China unveils gigantic solar-aquaculture plant in Zhejiang

China's new solar-aquaculture plant

China unveils gigantic solar-aquaculture plant in Zhejiang

The developer connected the massive installation to the grid earlier this month in eastern China, roughly 150 kilometres south of Shanghai.


The panels were mounted on piles above the surface of the Changhe and Zhouxiang reservoirs in Cixi, Zhejiang province.


The Hangzhou-based company invested approximately 1.8 billion yuan ($262.6 million) in the project, which spans about 299.5 hectares.


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It did not reveal the solar panel supplier.


In an online statement, the Cixi municipal authorities hailed the project as a “new model” for solar-aquaculture projects, as the PV modules were deliberately spaced far apart to allow enough sunlight to penetrate the water, which is critical for the growth of the fish beneath the surface.


Construction started in late June and wrapped up in December.


The project is expected to annually generate about 220 GWh of electricity, or enough to cater to the needs of roughly 100,000 homes.


A unit of utility State Grid built two 110 kV substations for the project.


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The installation is considerably larger than a similar 120 MW project that was completed last May in Poyang county, Jiangxi province.




This article originally published by PV Magazine in January, 2017 was written by Brian Publicover.




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