Apply: NF-IHO CHART Project (Cartography, Hydrography and Related Training)

NF-IHO CHART Project (Cartography, Hydrography and Related Training)

Apply: NF-IHO CHART Project (Cartography, Hydrography and Related Training)

Deadline: March 24, 2017


Programme Outline

After the successful five years of the Japan Capacity Building Project (JCBP), the project transition to the new scheme “NF-IHO CHART Project” started from 2014.


What is CHART Project?

The Cartography, Hydrography and Related Training (CHART) Project is an education programme for nautical cartography and data assessment run under the partnership between IHO and the Nippon Foundation. The Hydrographic Data Processing and Marine Cartography Programme from the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) was recognized by the FIG/IHO/ICA International Board on standards of Competence for Hydrographic Surveyors and Nautical Cartographers (IBSC) in 2014.


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This 15-week programme consists of five modules varying from two to five weeks and is conducted by the experienced instructors of the UKHO in Taunton (UK).Currently seven participants are selected every year. After completing this programme participants will obtain the necessary skills to carry out nautical cartographic tasks at the Category B level.


What for?

The purpose of the CHART Project is to provide education and training in Marine Cartography for technical personnel in developing countries, to develop and enhance skills and knowledge in navigational chart production (paper and ENC). CHART Project also aims to develop the fellowship among the participants in the course to create a human resource network through the alumni of the JCBP andof the CHART Project.


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Course Programme

The 9th collective course is provided by UKHO in Taunton, UK
from 4 September to 15 December 2017


Pre-learning/course Module

   On-line learning (currently in booklet form).

Foundation Module

   Cartographic basics covering the underlying details of the nautical chart.

Compilation Module

   Practical module where the student will compile into a database all the relevant nauticalchart content in compliance with IHO S-57 using CARIS S-57 Composersoftware.

Product Construction Module

   Production of an ENC base cell including ENC validation and exchange set creationusing CARIS S-57 Composer.

   Production of a Paper Chart using CARIS Paper Chart Composer

Data Assessment Module

   Decision-making and processing of new information using software and traditionalchecking processes.

Maintenance Module

   Notices to Mariners updating of digital and paper products

   New Edition maintenance of the ENC and Paper Chart.

Final Project

   A five day project to compile a chart utilizing the knowledge gained in the preceding modules


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Application and Selection in 2017

CHART Project 2017 Selection Schedule
17 January Call for Applications for 9th Course
IHO Circular Letter 04/2017
Application form for CHART Project 2017 (Word file)
24 March Dead line of the application
30 March Selection Panel Meeting
11 April Final Selection Panel Meeting
Mid-Late April Announcement of Successful Candidates


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