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APPLY: Lotus Scholarship 2017/2018 (Funded)

Deadline: April 1, 2017



The Lotus Scholarship (the Scholarship) is awarded to students who achieve high academic standards and demonstrate a financial need in order to attend University of the West (UWest). The Scholarship was established in 2012 and has so far been awarded to more than 170 students. UWest is home of the Lotus Scholarship – are you the next Lotus Scholarship award recipient?


  • Lotus Gold Scholarship – up to $10,000
  • Lotus Silver Scholarship – up to $5,000


Term of Scholarship:

The Scholarship is initially awarded for one academic year beginning in Fall semester.  Renewal of the Scholarship is possible, but not guaranteed, depending on the student’s performance and funding availability.

  • The maximum term of the Scholarship support is four years (or eight semesters) for four-year undergraduate students, and two to three years (or four to six semesters) for undergraduate transfer students and students entering UWest’s master’s degree programs.


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Scholarship Disbursement:

Disbursement of the Scholarship award is made in two installments, the first in Fall semester and the second in Spring semester.  The funds will be applied directly to the student’s account.  The Bursar’s Office will issue a stipend check if a student has a credit balance in his or her student account after the add/drop date of each semester.



  • The Scholarship is available to new students seeking either bachelor’s degrees or master’s degrees at UWest. Doctoral degree students, ESL students, or students seeking certificates only are not eligible for this scholarship.

Previous recipients of the Scholarship who meet the maintaining requirements (see Maintaining Scholarship section below) are also eligible to reapply.


  • Minimum GPA:
Undergraduate Graduate
Lotus Gold Scholarship (up to $10,000): 3.0 3.25
Lotus Silver Scholarship(up to $5,000): 2.75 3.0


  • Financial Need:
    A student’s financial need may be taken into consideration during the applicant review process.

    • Domestic students: Domestic applicants will be required to submit a FAFSA application or provide a copy of their, or their parent(s)’/guardian(s)’, most recent available tax return as part of the Lotus Scholarship application. An applicant may opt to make a statement of financial hardship in a separate letter as part of the Lotus Scholarship application. Other documents the university may request are copies of relevant tax returns or other taxation records, letters establishing a student’s status for receiving public benefits, or other similar documentation. All financial documentation will be held in strict confidence.
    • International students: International applicants must submit a UWest International Student Supplemental Application for Financial Aid. Students may be asked to provide financial documentation in addition to their, or their sponsor’s, finances as reported to SEVIS during the visa application process.
  • International students must meet the minimum UWest admission requirements for English proficiency.
  • To qualify for the Scholarship a student must be enrolled full-time at UWest. Full-time enrollment for undergraduate students is defined as registering for, and successfully completing, a minimum of 12 units each semester (24 units per academic year). Full-time enrollment for graduate students is defined as registering for, and successfully completing, a minimum of 9 units each semester (18 units per academic year). Students must be pre-registered at the full-time credit level before the Scholarship funds can be made available to them. Exceptions to this full-time enrollment rule may be made through an appeal process for students who are in their final semester or who encounter extenuating circumstances.  Non-full-time students will receive a prorated amount of the Scholarship based on the actual number of units for which they are registered.


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Maintaining Scholarship:

To maintain the Scholarship while at UWest, students must fulfill the following requirements:


  • Minimum maintaining GPA*:
Undergraduate Graduate
Lotus Gold Scholarship (up to $10,000): 3.25 3.5
Lotus Silver Scholarship(up to $5,000): 3.0 3.25


*The Financial Aid Committee will consider both term GPA and cumulative GPA for Lotus Scholarship qualification.


  • Do not have (I) “Incomplete” on the transcript. Students must resolve any incomplete course(s) before the Scholarship can be renewed and/or disbursed.
  • Maintain fulltime enrollment at UWest.
  • Uphold academic integrity standards (e.g. refrain from plagiarizing, cheating, etc.).
  • Actively engage in student life (e.g. UWest Student Government, student clubs, events, volunteer opportunities, committees, etc.) and/or community service.
  • Uphold student social conduct standards (e.g. refrain from physical abuse, threats of violence, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, harassment, sexual harassment, etc.).


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Other Important Terms and Conditions:

  1. The Scholarship is non-transferable to other students or institutions.
  2. The Scholarship cannot be deferred.  If recipients decide to postpone their matriculation into a program until the Spring semester, they will only receive half of the awarded Scholarship (e.g. a recipient of a $5,000 Scholarship will only receive $2,500 for the Spring semester).  If recipients postpone their entrance into a program by more than one semester, they will forfeit their scholarship. New students who only enroll in the Fall semester but not in the following Spring semester will lose the second half of their scholarship. (Note: Exception to this policy due to visa or medical reasons may be made on a case by case basis. Students applying for this exception must present relevant documentation.)
  3. The Scholarship cannot be awarded in conjunction with President’s Scholarship, Dean’s Scholarship, Buddha’s Light Scholarship, IBEF Scholarship, IBEF Fellowship, or UWest Scholarship.  Students must return the Scholarship funds if other scholarship money is received.
  4. Recipients may become disqualified after the Scholarship is disbursed if their enrollment status changes during the term of the award, in which case students must return the Scholarship funds received. (Note: Exception to this policy due to medical, family, or other extenuating reasons will be made on a case by case basis.  Students applying for this exception must present relevant documentation.)
  5. Should the Scholarship be declined or returned, it will be considered forfeited and UWest may keep the award or award it to another student.
  6. Recipients who are officially approved to take Leave of Absence (LOA) for a semester will not receive the Scholarship disbursement for that semester. The students must notify the Financial Aid Office as soon as their request for LOA is approved. Students who take LOA for more than one semester will need to petition in writing for reinstatement of the Scholarship upon their return.
  7. Recipients of the award agree to release to UWest the right to use their images for publication in any format chosen by the university (i.e. print, video, digital image).


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Application and Required Documents:

The Lotus Scholarship Application must include the following documents:

  1. Completed and signed UWest Financial Aid Application Form;
  2. Completed and signed UWest International Student Supplemental Application for Financial Aid (International applicants only);
  3. A copy of Official Transcript (in English) of the highest education attained;
  4. A copy of official TOEFL or IELTS score report (first-time international applicants only);
  5. Domestic students must submit a completed 2017-18 FAFSA or a copy of their most recent available tax return.


All documents must be submitted by the deadlines indicated above.  Lotus Scholarship Applications that do not include the Application for Admission will not be considered.


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