Turing Foundation, the Netherlands – Project Funding (Nature Conservation)

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Turing Foundation, the Netherlands – Project Funding (Nature Conservation)

Deadline: Anytime (All year round)


Areas: Nature Conservation: Agriculture, Climate change, Awareness raising, Biodiversity, Food security, Forests, Land degradation and restoration, Poverty reduction/Development


Application procedures for nature conservation

The Turing Foundation seeks to promote and encourage a sustainable and respectful relationship with nature. Respect is in the interest of nature itself. Sustainability should ensure that the needs of present generations can be met, without reducing the possibilities of future generations to fulfill theirs.

In trying to achieve these aims, the Turing Foundation limits its scope to the following two areas:

  • The protection and sustainable management of the nurseries of the sea in developing countries, the areas in seas and along coasts that have the highest concentration of life and biodiversity. Coral reefs and Mangroves deserve special mention here;
  • Sustainable land use in the following developing countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, D.R. Congo, Guinee, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Sierra Leone, and Togo.


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Projects Examples:

  • Tree for Sahel in North Bukino Faso;
  • Rehabilitation of Mountain Forest in Cameroon; and
  • Mangrove Rehabilitation in the Phillippines.


The Turing Foundation is as yet not planning to introduce an open application procedure for projects in the field of nature conservation. The management will itself directly invite organisations and initiatives to submit an application in the field of the working areas mentioned above.

Therefore, there is no use in submitting applications to us in the field of nature conservation. However, you can keep us informed on your activities in writing, especially if these comply with the working areas described. In such case, we would very much appreciate your filling out the complete project summary form.

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Project summary forms can be sent to:

Minke van Rees, director
Turing Foundation
Herengracht 514
1017 CC Amsterdam
Email: minke@turingfoundation.org

We reserve the right not to respond. The information sent to us by you will not be returned. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

For an impression of projects previously funded by the Turing Foundation, please refer to the general page on nature conservation.

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Project summary form

In case you wish to keep us informed of your activities, we kindly ask you to be brief and to the point by providing the following information:

  • Name of your organisation;
  • Website of your organisation;
  • Contact (name, phone, e-mail address);
  • Short text on your organisation (objectives, size, established when and where);

    and, should you wish to send us any information on a specific project:

  • Name of the project;
  • Brief description of the project (mentioning project partners);
  • Total project budget;
  • Overview of funds/current applications for this project (mentioning the budget deficit).


Contact information


Turing Foundation
Herengracht 514
1017 CC Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Tel.: +31 20-5200010
Email: info@turingfoundation.org
Website: www.turingfoundation.org
Mapcode: 2W.JV


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