Apply: Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund (KNCF) biodiversity grant (US$1.5 million)

An opportunity for funding through the KCNC and KNCF

Apply: Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund (KNCF) biodiversity grant (US$1.5 million)

Deadline: February 28, 2017


In order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Keidanren Committee on Nature Conservation (KCNC) and the Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund (KNCF), and to contribute to the achievement of the Aichi Targets and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the above-captioned program is to be implemented as set out below.



To mark the above-mentioned 25th anniversary, a more effective contribution is made to achieve a sustainable society by providing priority support for activities in the fields of human-resource development and promoting the sharing of beneficial information that are effective for the attainment of the globally important Aichi Targets and the SDGs, and fostering the mainstreaming of biodiversity.


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(1) Implementation format
Separately from and additional to the normal grant program operated every year by the KNCF, the public call for applications will be for a special fund grant program for the three-year period from the 2017 to 2019 fiscal years.


An aggregate amount totaling approximately ¥150 million (US$1.5 million equivalent) for the three-year period.
(NB: The maximum amount allocated in any one year will be 60% of the entire amount.)
In principle only one project will be selected, considerable importance being attached to the impact of the relevant project.


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(3)Theme of the call for grant applications
“Human-resource development that contributes to biodiversity conservation in the Asia-Pacific region–Education and training, raising of awareness, and exchanges for the purpose of fostering the mainstreaming of biodiversity through collaboration and coordination–”


Examples of specific activities included in projects (Ideally a combination of several activities)

  • A. Provision of teaching, lectures, etc.
    (For individuals and organizations undergoing training, education, etc.)
  • B. E-learning through use of Internet technologies
  • C. Production and distribution of teaching materials in the form of print media or electronic media
  • D. Uploading of educational videos to YouTube
  • E. Conduct of site study tours and field trips,
    and workshops to provide direct experience of tree-planting, etc.
  • F. Holding of international forums, symposiums, exchange meetings, etc.
  • G. The creation of dedicated websites and transmission of information, etc.
    (e.g. descriptions of cases of fruitful initiatives made, the opening of matching sites relating to
    grant-supported activities)
  • H. Other analogous activities


Groups comprising multiple organizations working in collaboration and coordination with each other, each group’s principle organization to be an organization or other such body that satisfies the same eligibility criteria as those required for the normal Grant program operated every year by the KNCF.


The principal organization must take responsibility for integrated coordination and management in relation to the project and must, in advance during the application stage, ensure clear allocation of the roles to be played by each of the organizations engaged in the collaboration and coordination.


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3.Application process (→Guidelines for Application) Open from JAN. 5

To submit a project for 1st selection for this grant, applicants must provide the following documents in accordance with Guidelines for Application


Application set form for Grant

  • Application for Grant (→Example)
    • I.Project Overview (→Example)
    • II.Project Details (→Example)
    • III.Reference materials
    • IV.Declaration (→Contents)


Request an above Application form set for Grant at this website and register your email address.


An Application form set will be sent to you with a receipt number (project number) to the e-mail address given after January 5th, 2017. Enter all required information on the Application form, referring to the example given. Send the Application form as an email attachment (Word file or Excel file) to the 25th Anniversary Special Fund Grant Program section as below by JST17:00 on FEB.28 (Please include the receipt number (project number) to the email subject.)


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KNCF25th Anniversary Special Fund Grant Section
Keidanren Committee on Nature Conservation
Keidanren Kaikan, 1-3-2, Otemachi,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8188 JAPAN


4.Application Period


9:00am JAN.5 2017


17:00pm FEB.28,2017 (Japan time)

* The incomplete application will not be accepted.
* The application submitted after the period will not be accepted.


5.Application & Selection ProcessAnnual Schedule

(1) Application Period

Jan. 5 to Feb. 28 ,2017

(2) Early March

First screening by Fund steering committee

(3)Late March

Announcement of the first selected projects.

(4) Early May

Second screening by Fund steering committee

(5) May 23

Announcement of the final selected project.

(6) Early July

First remittance on condition with completion of necessary steps


*Additional documents & information will be notified to the First-selected applicants at end of March for further examination


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For more information, click here.


For all questions on this application, please contact the section in charge below


KNCF25th Anniversary Special Fund Grant Section
Keidanren Committee on Nature Conservation
Keidanren Kaikan, 1-3-2, Otemachi,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8188 JAPAN

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