See the world’s largest solar plant that just opened in India

Solar panel harness energy of the sun

See the world’s largest solar plant that just opened in India

India continues its surge towards energy independence and dominance in the solar energy industry with the unveiling of a new solar power plant with a capacity of 648 MW and which spans an area of 10 sq km in Kamuthi, Tamil Nadu, southern India.


This project which is now reputed as the world’s largest solar plant at a single location with 2.5 million individual solar modules can at maximum capacity, power 150,000 homes. It cost $679m to build from scratch in a record 8 months and was financed by the Adani Group.


Reports say with this new project which puts India’s installed solar capacity at over the 10 GW, India is on course to be the third biggest solar energy market behind China and the US.


In spite of this feat, India’s ambitious goals are to power 60 million homes by 2022 and to meet two-fifth its energy needs from non- fossil fuels by 2030; very lofty dreams that would require sustained massive investments if they are to come true.


Solar energy is not only a viable and abundant alternative energy supply, it is clean and does not impact negatively impact the environment as do fossil fuels. It is hoped that developing countries like Nigeria will take a clue from India’s giant strides.

Kunlere Idowu

Kunlere is an environment and sustainable development strategist with years of active experience in environmental compliance monitoring and enforcement. You may follow him on Twitter via @kunlere_idowu


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